Paying Agent/Bank           HSBC (UK)

Investment Advisor          Corymbus Invest AG

Administrator                    Geneva Ross AG (Zurich)

Auditor                              BDO Tortuga & BDO Austria

Fund vehicle                     Cayman Islands SPC

Dividends                          none, at the moment only non-dividend shares

ISIN                                   KYG050821050

CUSIP                                G05082105

Liquidity                            Quarterly

Currency                          EUR

NAV                                  EUR 10.00

Minimum Investment         EUR 75,000

Additional Investment       EUR 5,000

Benchmark                       none, Total-Return-Approach

Distribution *)                    Private Placement
Management Fee               2%

Incentive Fee                     20% (High-watermark method)

Reporting     Quarterly by E-Mail + Webpage

*) Attention: The fund is not admitted for public sales/offer and marketing in Austria!


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